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Previous acting experience

TV (including)

Appeared in 5 ‘Choice’ documentaries BBC 1

The Eric Sykes Show ‘The Bus Conductress’ BBC

‘The Xmas Party’ BBC

Theatre (including)

‘The Happiest Days of your Life’ Richmond Theatre, London

‘Boeing-Boeing’ (with Charlie Chester) Little Theatre, Guernsey

‘The Man who came to Dinner’ (with Eric Porter)   ”       “

‘Say who you are’ (Alan Ayckbourn) Little Theatre, Whitby, Yorks

‘Major Barbara’ (Bernard Shaw)

‘Wait until dark’ (Peter Schaffer) On tour

‘Five Finger Exercise Peter Schaffer (with Renee Asherson) On tour

‘Flood’ (own play/ radio & stage) Topolski Gallery, Southbank

Series of monologues

including: ‘Turkish Delight’, ‘Waiting’, ‘The Teacher’ and ‘Extra’ (as performed at Topolski Gallery, Southbank.)

Video – In rehearsal: ‘Double Chance’

© 2018 Wendy Stone

Video – Monologue ‘Extra’

© 2018 Wendy Stone